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  1. Ken Festus

    Hello Cris, this issue of syncing alot of ppl seems to have it.. even my self. I just deposited $250 now but didn’t sync despite the fact that l deposited from the Crypto droid app and l was redirected to my broker by the app.. now syncing issues has occurred.. will I tell the broker that I registered on a platform called crypto Droid that they should help me with the sycing issues.. does it make sense? Pls answer me thanks.

    1. needforspread

      If the broker doesn’t solve the sync issue, you can ask for a refund


  2. Pouya

    If i deposit to lexa trade broker it will automaticlly connect to crypto droid?

    1. needforspread

      Yes, after deposit the broker should automatically connect to the app.


      1. Venture

        LexaTrade doesn’t connect you to the application. It’s quite unfortunate that you can not do anything about it. The customer support in cryptodroid app doesn’t work. Those with LexaTrade are stucked. Wished there’s something we could do. Have cleared my browser and opened multiple accounts, I was still paired with LexaTrade. They don’t allow acct. synth. Wished there was an option of choosing a broker.

  3. Anonymous

    I deposited with broker but it’s still showing zero balance on Crypto droid. What could be the problem?

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