AirBit Club (BitBackOffice) Review

Who Is Airbiclub?

Further infecting and ruining the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency kingdom, AirBit Club has left a massive wake of victims throughout Russia and Colombia.

As you can accurately infer from the title of this review, AirBit Club is more than just a misleading Ponzi scheme that should be avoided.

While you begin to move your way through our comprehensive review, you will gather the facts necessary to verify that is an online trip that cannot be trusted.


About AirBit Club

According to their site, AirBit Club was created with the duty of providing “cutting edge technology utilizing innovative tools to ensure that trading potential is maximized and that way increase bitcoin distributions to all affiliates.”

AirBit Club is an spread-out crypto related venture that is based upon an affiliate tier. Potential applicants interested with this program are able to become affiliates through and are able to register with 1 of the 4 memberships existing.

While some reference to the investment of deposited funds are hinted on the site, consumer feedback will reveal the contrary and go on to show that when confronted, AirBit Club refuses to provide transparent evidence in accordance to their statement.

In kindness terms, the apparent goal of this operation is to provide investors with an opportunity to accumulate more earnings in Bitcoin.

Further exposed on the site would be a partial business model, where the only verifiable source of income disclosed would be by those who deposit into their platform to get started with one of their memberships.

AirBit Club Operational Model

As previously disclosed, AirBit Club offers 4 membership packages wich starts from $1000. The other 3 plans are unknown and an upgrade is required to access the plans.

AirBit Club offers affiliates unsatisfactory investment packages that will fail to accumulate a break even return unless the affiliate succeeds in drawing in new members.

As many of you probably predicted, these daily returns aren’t near enough to achieve a break even with initial deposits which is why affiliates are highly encouraged to obtain new sources of traffic to earn commission.

According to the AirBit Club compensation plan, affiliates can expect to collect a daily return going between 0.2% to 1.2% on their deposited funds.

Affiliates should also be made aware that renewal fees are charged between each duration cycle, these renewal fees compare to a value of 35% of the cumulative ROI paid out during each cycle.

As with all pyramid schemes, we never advise any investor to enroll due to the unstable and growingly unsustainable operational model required for the model not to collapse.

Who is Behind

One outdated review that went on the record against AirBit Club had revealed that Mr. Gutemberg and Renato Rodriquez were the co-founders behind this system. Whether or not these two persons are truly responsible for we are uncertain due to the lack of information on their site now.

As with most untrustworthy Ponzi schemes, AirBit Club fails to provide any ownership information. Not only do they fail to reveal any recognizable or corporate entity but they are explicitly unclear about their operational model.

Moreover, a WHOIS search will go on to show that was privately registered which makes it impossible for us to track down their creators.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Taking half of the deposit value of new members and distributing them to previously established members is a text-book model of a Ponzi scheme.

Regarding the other 50% that is apparently invested and used to smooth over connections with other technologic crypto companies we are pretty unclear, in fact, due to the lack of transparency we undertake that the creators behind this site are keeping those deposits for themselves.

In addition, there is no significant information regarding the creators, operators or corporate entity responsible for which makes this operation completely mysterious. is a nest egg of question marks and red flags.

While the AirBit Club binary matrix return plan sounds great and all, it is the living and breathing picture of a pyramid scheme.

All of these revealed characteristics are certain red flags in the investment world.

Can be Trusted?

To learn more about the dishonest tactics engaged by the AirBit Club scam, read some of the recent comments which can easily be found online by entering “airbit club reviews” or “bitbackoffice scam” in any search engine. ( fails to reveal any information of significance on their site. The authors behind this site make it as vague and confusing as possible in the hopes of deceiving prospective investors (affiliates) of out of their money.


As of January 2018, over 11% of this sites traffic derives from referral based sources. and has a global rank of 22,667 with a rank of 3,941 in Russia.

Over 36% of the sites traffic originates from users who reside within Russia while an additional 19% is comprised of traffic from Colombia.

AirBit Club Review Conclusion

While recent community feedback shows that the site is still paying affiliates, most consumer feedback suggests some form of financial divergence with

Operating with total anonymity, we advise potential affiliates to avoid this investment scheme while it continues to grow unstable with their unjustifiable pyramid scheme model.

AirBit Club is a viral pyramid and Ponzi scheme hybrid.

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