Cloud 2 aka Cloud Token Wallet Review

11.06.2020 Update Attention!

The status of this post has changed into SCAM REVIEW!

Cloud 2 continues it’s expansion in Asia through the deployment of data technology.
But so far it has not returned the investments to those who chose to leave the application in February, as promised within 14 to 20 working days.
Here we are almost in July and this did not happen, which makes us catalog this application as fraud.
We thought we gave them enough time, didn’t we?

We’ll come back with updates if necessary.

What Is Cloud Token Wallet?

Cloud Token is a decentralized digital wallet integrating many digital assets into one wallet app. It’s adopted the latest 4.0 generation blockchain technology which has the ability to execute encrypted trading and payment using inter blockchain technology and it’s one of the fastest Blockchains in the world.

At the heart of Cloud Token is their high frequency quantitative artificial intelligence trading technology software engine called JARVIS AI powered by VAROOM (stands for: Velocity & Acceleration Realistically Operating On Money).

Jarvis bot trades on 32+ insured exchanges, over 50 accounts, including 4 accounts on Binance. The trading volume on just one of the Binance accounts in the month of June reached over 140,000 BTC.  The bots are maintained by a professional group of technical analyst traders who analyze the markets 24/7 and oversee the bot operations. They also implements real time multi transaction platform activity of buying low and selling high arbitrage strategy.


Cloud Token pays the rewards of this trading activity on a daily basis in their utility token CTO, which amounts to about ~0.2% – 0.3% a day in profits for the user. As the coin is likely to go up in value this payout means that users will essentially get more than 10% a month payout if they HOLD the tokens and don’t sell them right away.

Cloud Tokens can be converted to Ethereum within the app itself and the profits can be withdrawn right away. To get started you simply put Bitcoin (BTC) or any other cryptocurrency supported by Cloud Token wallet app into the JARVIS AI project and you start to earn Cloud tokens daily.

You will be able to spend Cloud Token (CTO) and purchase discounted flight tickets, hotels, car rentals as well as top up your debit card and withdraw from ATM fiat currency or buy something like with any other Mastercard or VISA.

The technical team of the trading technology and Cloud Token app development and blockchain development was done by award winning team from Singapore led by Ronald Aai, who is also Chief Technical Officer of Bit Beta System ( and – 4th generation blockchain technology developers. They spent about 3 months to create the first version of the wallet.

Who Is Ronald Aai?

Ronald is the CTO of Cloud Token, Bit Beta System and developer of 4th generation blockchain technology that Cloud Token is built on. Ronald Aai is a serial entrepreneur and has successfully built several internet businesses early in his career.

Ronald is the world’s top technical engineer, he was also in the past technical director of large well-known companies like IBM and Samsung. He has been developing new technologies for social media, payment, mobile wallets, mobile phones, telco systems, IOT solutions and blockchain technology.

Leading Strategic investor is Sheng Zhao, Chinese American and co-founder of World Blockchain Forum, the initiator of New York World Blockchain Conference, creator of stable coin DUSD backed by $10 billion dollars.

Why Choose Cloud Token Wallet And Not Other Cryptocurrency Wallet?

  • Earn About 6% – 12% A Month On The Crypto That You Hold In Cloud Token Wallet App

    Earn Cloud Token (CTO) rewards on a daily basis about 0.2% – 0.3% a day from the crypto you deposit into Jarvis AI Project

    Liquidity: Withdraw your capital and the profits accrued whenever you want 24/7

    Convert CTO to ETH anytime, or top up your debit card, or spend CTO rewards to buy discounted flights, hotels, car rentals and taxi airport

    Earn CTO coins daily by holding BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, TUSD, USDT or DOGE!

    NO membership fees to pay, no contracts

    NO monthly fees

    NO software you need to buy and no trading experience needed

    CTO Value has the potential to go up by 10 – 20+ times in the next 12 – 24 months

    Credibility: Cloud Token App is listed on Google Play Store And App Store!

    Very lucrative rewards program 21+ levels deep Some people are making over $10K+ a day! See Compensation Plan

    All commissions and rewards are paid out on a daily basis in Cloud Tokens!

    Ability to top up dedicated debit cards from CTO rewards and spend money (From August 2019)

    Get 5% – 10%+ discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals and airport taxi when paying with CTO!

    Available worldwide!

    Real people, real team, real trading

Is it worth to invest in Cloud Token?

Surely yes! Once again, just consider the fact that Apple, which is famous for its tuff selection of apps, has added Cloud Token to its App Store! It says everything!

Also, for registration, you don’t have to enter a phone number which causes huge demand in the market. Because many countries remained overboard in analogue projects because of SMS, which did not allow registration. Super simple registration in 2 clicks greatly increases the conversion of customers.
Direct communication with developers allows you to solve problems very quickly, which was missing in other projects.

Now is the beginning! Now is the moment to get involved.

How to start receiving daily rewards with Cloud Token?

You can write me on my email address or in the comment area below if you have any question regarding Cloud Token Wallet.

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