IceFX NewsInfo – The Best News Indicator For MetaTrader 4

IceFX NewsInfo is an informational news indicator that shows economic news for multiple currency pairs on a chart.

 From now on you do not need to use any distinct apps or sites for trailing economic news.

Any information about news and economic events is now accessible exactly on your MT4 trading chart.

The functionality of the indicator doesn’t end here. The indicator is also able of stopping trading of Expert Advisors during the period of a news release(high volatility in the market) or a quiet period earlier and later a news release.

IceFX NewsInfo can send info about the release of news a few minutes earlier their release (available in settings).

Features of the IceFX NewsInfo Indicator

Platform: Metatrader 4

Currency pairs: All currency pairs, Indices, Metals, Stocks 

Trading Time: Any trading sessions

Time Frame: Any

Suggested broker: Robo Forex

Best Expert Adviser: 7G Robot Pro

Impressions Of Indicator Functionality

Every trader knows seamlessly well how financial news can impact price behavior and make its movement volatile.

Furthermore, after an important news event release, spread and slippage can quickly rise, which can drive huge losses and terminate any profitable strategy. This is the reason why it is so important to properly evaluate the importance of economic news in trading and to close manual and automated trading during the period of their release.

IceFX NewsInfo indicator will be an excellent assistant for this. The indicator can turn off trading Expert Advisors and turn them on again later on after the news release.

 Here is an actual example, when the indicator turned off all the Expert Advisors installed in my MT4 terminal (except for those that have open orders – you can change them in the settings) 20 minutes previously the news release.

Moreover, the indicator shows the current GMT Time. Based on this, you can calculate the alteration between your broker’s time and GMT. It is occasionally required to configure some Expert Advisors.

Also, you can use the indicator for backtests. However, I failed to run the NewsInfo indicator on the backtest. Let us know in the comments if you succeed in applying the indicator to history.

NewsInfo IceFX indicator is available for Meta Trader 4 only!

Indicator interface

The indicator contains the following information parts:

 1. News viewer window (NewsBox)

2. Suggestion of Global Trade Sessions on a map

3. Current GMT date and time

4. Expert Advisor turns off warning message window

5. Timelines on the chart (showing the precise dates based on the actual broker’s time)

Indicator settings

First thing first, for the indicator to run, you should enable DLL import, as shown below:

The indicator has the following settings:

As you can see IceFX NewsInfo is an extremely functional professional news indicator. Use it wisely for your benefit.

If you have any questions, use the comments area below

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