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MetaMax Cryptocurrency Review

MetaMax Cryptocurrency


Welcome to this MetaMAX cryptocurrency review. We will cover this new BEP20 token which was just recently created and on the 11th of July 2022 will be listed on the biggest decentralized exchange, where it will be available for trading and this is where will start its journey to the moon ?.

After reading this impartial review you’ll have all the elementary data to determine whether this is a scam or a genuine new cryptocurrency you should participate in.

What is MetaMAX?

MetaMAX (Symbol Mmax) is a new cryptocurrency project that was recently uploaded online on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain with its Smart Contract but wasn’t launched and became accessible to the wide public.

So, in case you decide you like this project and want to make sure you don’t miss this opportunity, you can follow the updates on and their social media as well, the most used being the Telegram group with almost 20.000 members. You can join MMax telegram group here:

As described below, the creators made sure to include powerful and advanced functions, intending to make up the ultimate crypto coin.

MetaMAX Cryptocurrency


It’s not hard to notice that Mmax was developed by experts.

Daily, there are created new tokens that are listed and added to and other exchanges, but most of them have zero value.

If you check these newly created tokens carefully, you’ll find out that they use a simple code that was copied as a template from other crypto projects.

MetaMAX smart contract was created from zero, with a unique structure and customized algorithm.

They use an open code that can be checked by anyone who wishes to have a look.

You can check out the contract on bscscan, which is the blockchain explorer of the Binance Smart Chain.
Also, you can see the token audit, which is a huge thing when we take into consideration a crypto project’s value and credibility:

MetaMax team state clearly that it’s an ongoing project with a very long-term vision.

As mentioned in the whitepaper one of the purposes of this digital currency is to bridge the gap between traditional finance/ fiat money and the crypto and NFT world.

Associated with most projects, the speed and cost of transactions are significantly better for the investor.

MetaMAX also maintains a buyback reserve in which tokens that are converted into Binance coins ($BNB), are securely locked and stored within the Mmax contract. These BNBs are then used for strategies buyback and burn – The contract buys Mmax coins and by that, creates volume, rewards and positive price action. Then, it sends those tokens to the burn address, removing them permanently from circulation, including rewards eligibility. This step creates a situation when holders of the coin continuously receive a higher overall share of rewards distributed and the circulating supply reduces over time.   

MetaMax Cryptocurrency

Deflationary Token

The MetaMAX crypto coin has a total supply of 10 Billion coins. This is the maximum amount and there will never be any more than that. When you think of it from the point of view of an investor, this is a positive thing. The reason is that it creates upward pressure. The supply is getting lower with time, while the exposure and demand increase. As a result, more people are fighting over the same asset and are willing to pay more, moving the price higher. This is opposed to assets such as the U.S Dollar, where the Federal Reserve can print money as much as they want to. This will create awful inflation and less valuable local currency.

MetaMax Cryptocurrency

Buyback and Burn Strategy

The Meta MAX token utilizes a sophisticated method that is worth stating.  A certain percentage of every transaction fee is locked within the contract.  It is then used to buy MetaMax coins and by that, creates volume and rewards for all holders. Once this step is done, the algorithm automatically sends these tokens to the burn address. This process is very smart because, in addition to creating value for the investors, it decreases the oversupply and pulls the price higher

MetaMax Cryptocurrency

Anti-Whales System

This is a very important element that gives us a good feeling about MetaMAX cryptocurrency.

The Anti whale algorithm prevents great investors from taking over with pump and dump approaches.

Massive selling that may consequence in big drops in price is avoided and selling volumes are limited to make sure this kind of manipulation doesn’t happen.

In addition to that, a certain percentage of each deal is transferred right away to strengthen the liquidity pool in the exchange.

As an effect, the stability of the Mmax cryptocurrency is protected.

MetaMAX Cryptocurrency

Transactions Fees

One of the key elements regarding the MetaMAX crypto token is the transaction fee function. Once a user makes a trade with MetaMAX cryptocurrency he will pay an 8 percent commission. While you probably might think that this is too much, actually this is not high in comparison to many other projects in this field. It’s really small if you consider what the same investors get in return.

Firstly, a 4% fee of any transaction that is made with MetaMAX cryptocurrency is sent to the holders. It means that, as a holder of the coin,  you are constantly being rewarded with incoming dividends. In addition, the other 4% fee is being used for the benefits of the project. 1% fee is for the buyback and burning strategies as we described earlier. Another 1% fee is for the liquidity pool in the exchange. Then, the other 2 percent goes to development and marketing.

This is a really smart use of the generated commissions because it contributes to the project and rewards investors both in the short and the long run.

MetaMAX Cryptocurrency


The Roadmap of a project, particularly in the cryptocurrency market, is the best way to learn and understand it. Here, the company shares its business plan both for the short and the long term. While having an impressive roadmap doesn’t necessarily mean that every step of the model is going to happen, this is still a good indication. While observing the MetaMAX cryptocurrency Roadmap, It shows up quite clearly, that the team behind this crypto coin was thinking it through. There is a sense and methodology behind every step of the way. We like the fact that there is a well-intentioned concept and a great vision for the long run.

MetaMax Cryptocurrency

Percentage of Distribution

Another important aspect to learn about in every new cryptocurrency project relays to the percentage of distribution. This shows us, how much of the base coin is accessible at each stage. In this case, we already know that the MetaMAX token provides a total supply of 10B coins.

 Let’s see how it is distributed. According to MetaMax cryptocurrency whitepaper, 40 to 50 percent is accessible in the presale phase, which at the time we are writing this review is already completed. In addition, 30% up to 50% goes to coin burning and the small percent that is left is used for the team, rewards for holders, airdrop and basis expenses. This is a very realistic structure, as practically 100% serves the goal of long-term success with the MetaMax cryptocurrency project.

Is There Any Celebrity

Involved In MetaMax

Cryptocurrency Project?

Yes, Wand Nara, the Paris Saint Germain famous football player Mauro Icardi’s wife, with more than 13 million followers on Instagram is endorsing this crypto project.

This gives MetaMax Cryptocurrency more credibility and fame.

MetaMAX Cryptocurrency

Final Thaughts

After we covered different aspects of Metamx Cryptocurrency, let’s sum up this review. In the ongoing uncertainty of the cryptocurrency and NFT markets, it is refreshing to run into such projects. This is a fresh new token that indeed combines all the essential elements that could make it potentially one of the leading coins. With full transparency, an open code and token audit available this crypto project is undoubtedly legitimate. When considering the sophisticated smart contract, consistent BUSD reward for holders, and impressive road map, we feel confident about its overall future.  Of course, it’s hard to know what will happen in the long run. However, we strongly believe in the potential of the MMAX cryptocurrency. This could be a rare opportunity to get in early. And if you missed the BTC and other altcoins in their early days, you don’t want to miss that one out.

If you plan to invest in this project, starting Monday, 11th of July 2022 at 15:00 UTC, MetaMax Cryptocurrency will be listed in the PancakeSwap Exchange.

*The crypto market is recovering and it’s the best time to get in. Be ready and prepare your BNB’s!!

Check out Metamx Cryptocurrency Official Website Here. metamax cryptocurrency logo

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